At long last there may be light following the tunnel for Marbella. The long anticipated Marbella PGOU (urban plan) might finally be accepted in October. The latest version for Marbella plan, unlike previously announced by the Marbella town hall, was been approved without including illegal properties. It appears that the mayor, decided on this process following the Junta de Andalucia confirmed that they would no accept some of the proposed modifications to add all existing illegal properties in Marbella inside the new plan. vector map An editable map is a that one could edit with colors, text, lines, shades etc. You can personalize it in order to meet your preferences. There are many sites offering such maps. You can buy or download any type of map you need – US map, state map, world map, country map, etc. They come in a variety of formats including PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Flash as well as other formats.

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