Issues happens that you simply buy a service created from amber and it also turned into fake. In such case it’s vital to discover the right boutique before purchasing and never buy amber from merchants for the street. In Russia if you need to make certain in quality it is best to to get hold of with professional consultants in the company Elephant. Need to save time? Then try through their web page Amberholding. They may be presence of more than 3000 products from Baltic amber! But how to handle it if you do not want to connection with specialists or planning to buy amber beads or necklaces in another boutique?


Many buyers are led astray by the color of the stone. Evidently , a real Sunstone might have not merely the most common Golden yellow hue but additionally pale orange, white, yellow, green, cherry red, darkish and also blue. No problem this isn’t an indication!

Deciding on the item wear a sheet of wool fabric. If it is possible rub the stone by using it after which it bring the hair to barefoot jogging: if you see the attraction then its natural amber.

Focus on your heartaches: real amber is obviously warm and light.

Experts from Elephant boutique from Svetlogorsk says that under any circumstances it can not be cold. Also it’s very uneven of course when untreated therefore, the finished products could also have cracks and flaws, the remains of crusts this just speaks about its naturalness.

Be sure you look through the amber at the sun. At the same time a little glow-feel unengaged to pay! You’ve got purchased a quality product.

Don’t leave out the salt water. It will dispel any doubts. Dip a stone into your liquid and see it. Go to the bottom? Then this can be fake.

And also the last method is an ultraviolet flashlight. Through plastic and a sheet of amber shining at the same time UV flashlight you’ll immediately start to see the difference: the plastic will stay powerful piece and amber is going to be highlighted blue being a Moonstone.